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Dc Home storage battery 51.2v/5.12kWh


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Key Features

  • Most-Safe LFP Battery Inside
  •  Most Compact Design
  • Single Unit High Power Yield 1
  •  Advanced BMS Control (w/active balance among packs)
  • Multi-parallel Configuration (up to 16 sets 2)
  • Black Out and Emergency Back-up
  • Long Life-span Design (10 years)

30-Day Return Policy

Lifetime Consultation

Battery cell Grade A only

In House Test Reports available to email

100% Satisfaction our your money back

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DC Home Storage Battery in Louisiana

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Our DC Home Storage Battery Louisiana combines efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for modern households. With a focus on safety and longevity, this lithium iron phosphate battery is a reliable solution for your energy storage needs.


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The energy storage module comprises of lithium ion rechargeable batteries with5.12kWh capacity, and the controller enables a central of multiple modules. This manual provides information regarding safety precautions to prevent possible accidents and how to use the product. Please read attach manual carefully before use for safety and keep this manual handy for reference.

Power Lite-U(L051100-B) Battery System User Manual_V1.2_20220630.pdf

Cell_CATL 100Ah LFP


Weight 44.5 kg

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Dc Home storage battery 51.2v/5.12kWh