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3000w Inverter Pure Sine Wave 12V DC to 120V AC Converter for Home, RV, Truck, Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter


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Key Features

  • Compact, lightweight and robust design.
  • Optimized for 12 VDC system voltage.
  • Smooth power for safe operation of sensitive electronics.
  • Leading easy-to-read LCD indicator display.
  • Integrative safety protection (under-voltage, over-voltage, AC Over-load, Over Heating, Short Circuit and Reverse connect).
  • Excellent surge rating : 2 × the power rating.
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupter(GFCI) protection.
  • Ultra-silent cooling system.
  • Ergonomics design wireless remote control.
  • Build-in 4 × AC sockets, 1 × AC terminal blocks, 2 × 2.4A USB ports, 1 × type-C port.

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Battery cell Grade A only

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Choose TYCORUN Inverter for Its Unique Advantages

Powerful function and optimal product design make it your best choice.



TYCORUN 3000w Inverter Pure Sine Wave delivers outstanding performance for back-up power and off-grid system, which is widely used in emergencies or household. The advanced pure sine wave technology provide cleaner, smoother and more reliable power for sensitive equipment without any interference. Brilliant design using top electronic materials makes it safe,stable with long machine-life.



☀ [Advanced Pure Sine Wave] TYCORUN inverter provides true 3000W continuous power and 6000W peak power. 12V to 110/120VAC pure sine wave technology saves more energy with high conversion efficiency (>90%) and low no-load losses.

☀【Easy to Control】 Easily control the on/off of the inverter within 100 meters. It is more convenient to use car and home power supply, and it is more convenient to control the inverter with light display. Monitor the actual working status (battery indicator light, sound alarm) Tips: (Before using the remote control to turn on the inverter, you must ensure that the switch of the inverter itself is off, and then use the remote control to turn on the inverter)

☀ [Protect your device] Perfect safety protection: overvoltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit, overheat, reverse polarity protection (fuse). Automatic restart function and GND leakage protection (lightning strike). Product liability rests with AIG.

☀[Extend Inverter Life] Isolated input/output design and soft-start technology, the large and durable aluminum alloy housing provides advanced anti-drop and anti-collision protection. Smart cooling fans help reduce heat and prevent shortages.

☀【After-sales guarantee】You will get: TYCORUN 3000W 12V pure sine wave power inverter, cable, remote control and user manual. We provide 24 months warranty for each order. If you have any questions, please contact us via email!


Model TYCORUN 3000w Inverter Pure Sine Wave 12V DC to 120V AC Converter for Home, RV, Truck, Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter
Rated Input Voltage 12VDC
Continuous Power 3000W
Peak Power 6000W
Input Voltage Range 9.5-16VDC
Over Voltage Shutdown 16VDC
Low Voltage Shutdown 9.5VDC
Low Voltage Alarm 10VDC
No Load Current 2A
Over Load Protection 3200W
Output Voltage ¨110V / ¨120V

AC±10%(Refer to label)

Frequency ¨60Hz  ±1Hz
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency ≥ 90%
Over Heat Protection 149℉±8℉
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Display LCD
USB 5VDC, 0-2.4A × 2  MAX 3.4A
Type-C Max 18W ( 5V / 3.1A, 7V / 2.4A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A )
Cooling Fan Thermal controlled cooling fan.

It works only when the inverter housing temperature reaches 104°F.

Operating Temperature (Automatic Recovery/ Shutdown) 32-113℉
Storage Temperature 14-113℉

1.Is a 3000W inverter safe?

A 3000W inverter is generally safe, provided it is installed and used correctly. Following our user manual, purchasing recommendations, and local electrical regulations are key to ensuring safety. Make sure the inverter is not exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight, and keep it away from liquids to enhance safety. Additionally, avoid inserting metal objects into the inverter’s ventilation ports and disconnect the power supply before operation.

2.Where can a 3000W inverter be used?

A 3000W inverter is suitable for various applications, including but not limited to home backup power, solar power generation, camping and outdoor activities, and commercial use.

3.How do you use a 3000W inverter?

Place the inverter in a well-ventilated location away from high temperatures and humidity.
Connect the appropriate DC power source to the inverter’s DC input port.
Connect the devices you want to power to the inverter’s AC output ports.
Turn on the inverter, and monitor the indicator lights to check the operational status.
During use, regularly inspect the inverter to ensure it is operating correctly.

4.How long can a 3000W inverter be used?

The lifespan of a 3000W inverter varies depending on its quality and usage. Typically, it can last between 5 to 15 years. Regular maintenance and proper usage can extend the inverter’s lifespan. Higher-quality inverters tend to be more durable and provide longer-term reliability.

5.How do you connect a 3000W inverter to a battery?

Ensure the battery is in good working condition and has the required voltage and capacity.
Use the correct cables to connect the positive/negative terminal of the battery to the positive/negative terminal of the inverter’s DC input.
Securely fasten the cables, ensuring they are not damaged or loose.
Turn on the inverter to begin converting the battery’s DC power into AC power.

Weight 7 kg

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3000w Inverter Pure Sine Wave 12V DC to 120V AC Converter for Home, RV, Truck, Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter
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