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The Ultimate Guide How to Make a 12V 150Ah Lithium Battery丨Full Process

Hi, everybody! This is Guangzhou TYCORUN Energy Co., Ltd. I am very happy to introduce the production process of 12V150AH lithium-ion battery here today. In this video, we have recorded all the production process of the battery, and have provided the corresponding text to solve the problems you may have after watching the video. Let’s start today’s video.
Here are a few steps to assemble the battery:

1. Battery capacity

After got the cell batteries, those batteries have done of capacity grading.

2. Battery spot welding, parallel connection

First of all,using UV machine automatic to connect the cells in parallel by spot welding.

3. Battery cell insulation assembly, tin wire welding

The battery cells which connected in parallel are separated by insulating paper and assembled together.
Welded the battery with the data collection line together and then weld the positive and negative wires by solder wire in turn.

4. Install the BMS board

Then fix a BMS board on the top of battery pack with insulation paper that can collect data such as battery voltage and capacity.

5. Monitor BMS and package

The BMS protection board can monitor the battery status in every time, and provide protections such as over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and over-temperature when necessary.
To connect the data collection line to the BMS board and then test the voltage and internal resistance.
After testing, use insulating waterproof glue to seal the exposed wires.

6. Insulation sponge pad and battery box package

Then paste the buffer insulation sponge on the bottom and put it into the ABS box, and connect the positive and negative wires to the positive and negative ports of the box cover.
Then inject waterproof glue into the space around the box to fix the battery pack.

7. Super capacity after drying the battery

After 3 hours of drying, a battery that can be recycled for more than 2000 times is finished.

Below are the details of our 12.8V150AH Li-ion battery:

Eco-Friendly: Green energy with no toxic chemical material
Super Long Life: 2000-5000 cycles, 10-year service life
Rated capacity size:1920Wh
Battery length and width:330*173*212mm
Battery weight: Approx. 18.5Kg
High Safety and Stability: Grade A cells with built-in BMS(Battery Manage System) protection from over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, over-heating, short circuit. Low self-discharge rate 3%
Wide Working Temperature: Charging Temperature 0℃-55℃; Discharging Temperature -20℃-60℃
Lightweight, Easy to Install and Fast Charging: Great replacement of SLA/VRLA(lead acid batteries), with 2X Load Power,8X Cycle Life,1/3 Weight,1/5 Charging Time

Application scenarios


The application of intelligent robots has developed vigorously in recent years, and it is also the highest embodiment of modern technology. Similarly, if the operation of high-power equipment, it is inevitable that strong power support. The 12V150AH lithium battery is the best choice. It not only provides a strong discharge current, but also has a long life. The application of robots will promote the development of lithium batteries with stronger capabilities.


The base station power supply is the embodiment of the highest level of backup power. Lithium batteries in daily life are small in capacity, light and easy to install. As a backup power source for base stations, it needs larger capacity, stronger discharge capacity, and longer service life. This is the range of capabilities of lithium batteries. Our 12V150Ah lithium battery not only has a cycle life of 3000 cycles, a discharge current of more than 150A and a large energy storage capacity.

Our company Tycorun ( has a professional and experienced team of technical experts and top-notch product designers. We have been winning great achievements on energy development. Products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Africa.
Our Tycorun Lithium Batteries series is a series that specifically replaces the old lead-acid batteries. Based on the lithium battery with the high characteristics of energy density, 1/3 light weight, environmental protection, green energy and others. It maximizes its advantages and achieves the global “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral” goal. Our LiFePO4 battery will contribute more to this goal.